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Advertise it with names like My Hands For You, Cowboy Wannabe, Handyman Can, Flea Market Flipper, Down Dirty Dude, or Strongnot Silent. Bloomberg sends you alerts when your blue chips are getting bluer.

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Rooting through my wardrobe, I pulled out an array of sexy clothing, ranging from Agent Provocateur lingerie to raunchy, pull-up tights, corset tops and a one-off, S&M-style dress a designer friend made for me years ago.

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Read Full Story Bauer I Flynet Pictures It's no secret Gretchen Rossi and all her Real Housewives of Orange County counterparts look ridiculously good all the time. It doesn't come fully naturally to the slender but athletic 33-year-old, though, who has opened up about her past battle with bulimia.


"I want a man with a personality and looks to take my breath away." These are the requirements of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, 37-year-old Asian beauty who has sent me her romantic wish list.

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Romantic relationships often do develop slowly, rather than taking off from instant mutual attraction. While I think the sites have gotten better about identifying and booting scammers, I have been "scammed" more than a few times by miscreants, usually foreigners, who prey on lonely hearts, particularly those who list their professions and incomes.

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Teens lie to their parents about drinking alcohol, drug use, what music they listen to, how they spend afternoons, whether a party is being supervised, riding in a car driven by a drunk teen, what they spend their allowance on, completing their homework, whether they are dating or not, the clothes they wear when out of the home, the movie they’re seeing, and who they spend time with.

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I loved the terrible scripted dialogue, relished the extra juicy moments, and couldn’t stop hate-watching the people who were total jerks…