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They will help guide you to practice your skills in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

You'll spend 50 per cent of your time in clinical practice.

follows a grandpa and his grandchild as they go on bonkers adventures through multiple dimensions and universes.

changed quite significantly for seasons 19 and 20 – both to acclaim and criticism.Your placements will be in hospitals and the community and you'll get to work with patients, carers, clinical mentors and a variety of other healthcare professionals.Examples of placements include: medical and surgical wards, oncology, ICU, A&E, coronary care, operating theatres, district nursing, health visiting, GP practice nursing and integrated community teams.Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland’s show may be Adult Swim property, but over here in the UK the show has amassed a huge fan-following after being made available on streaming services.The first episode of season three has already won praise from numerous critics, thanks to both sharp writing and fantastic use of continuity.Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, though, animated television have begun to truly “grow up”, becoming serialised dramas rather than straight comedy (in part, thanks to the death of the rerun and birth of the binge).Riddled with insecurities, depression and a tendency to party too hard, Bo Jack’s story is an all-out rollercoaster that’s both funny and deeply moving.The show then spent numerous episodes criticising political correctness, sponsored online content and gun politics. Unfortunately, Parker and Stone played their hand too early, quickly running out of material against Trump in season 20, the creators having seemingly not thought the current President would actually get elected.Yes, this one actually came out in 2005, but was really quite great.Upon initial release, the first five episodes of really is.Highlight: “Fish Out of Water” – Yes, we’re recommending you watch a silent television episode about an animated horse.

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