Advice on dating a person with a disability

People found me physically attractive all the time (because I am gorgeous and photograph damn well), but they didn’t want to “deal” with the other stuff. You should go on a dating site for your kind.” If you are disabled and just venturing into the online dating world, expect this - a lot.I could write a book about all the creepy, negative e-mails I’ve received while dating – everything from first messages of “hi, can you have sex? Or expect a low response rate; honestly, I prefer that to the skeevy messages.And if you ever feel like no one would want to date you because of your disabilities, silence that beast - it’s lying. If you love Femdom or are just taking an interest in it, you should start by joining Femdom Dating.I sit sideways from scoliosis and have frequent back pain.My limbs are contracted, so I have limited range of motion.To me, it's glaringly problematic that supports for us are absent, or buried under paperwork and abandoned websites.The unfortunate result of this, of people automatically putting you in the “undateable” category because of your bodily difference, is that you may start believing it yourself.

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One afternoon, a guy from a dating site sent me a message after recognizing me in a Twitter chat about tabletop gaming. Fast-forward two years later, and here we are in a healthy relationship based on mutual respect, honesty, support, and understanding.

My disability is an integral part of my identity, and he accepts and loves that about me, as I accept and love him. It makes you feel vulnerable, and constantly tests your inner strength.

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