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T: There may be some good things, but the overall system is broken.

M: Where does the electric company get the resources to maintain their power plants? An interesting exercise that we used in the grade 10 “Career and Life Management” course in the highschool I worked at: You have a low, but not minimum wage job. Go to this website, (link to government tax tables and deductions) and figure out what your take home pay is. So divide monthly bills by 4.4 to get a weekly bill.

Meg-John Barker, a relationship anarchist as well as a senior psychology lecturer and sex and gender therapist.“It’s really about not adhering to any kind of obligations that might come with labels,” the 30-something relationship coach tells me.“I was married and one of the things that came up for us was the expectation that you have to have sex a lot if you’re married.I own a copy of the book and like hundreds of thousands of other people, that's where the story ends.Very hard to finish due to the fact that it focuses on shaming the author for a full hour instead of delving into the actual book itself and more about why it was written.But it’s trickier to estimate the popularity of relationship anarchy specifically.As Meg-John notes, there has been no specific research on RA yet.Members of the community she belongs to have decided that traditional monogamy, and often polyamory, aren’t working for them. And so they’ve committed to a model that’s at once simple and radical: They give all their relationships equal footing.Mel has an ongoing conversation with each of her partners to continuously discuss and examine the partnership, establishing what everyone wants to get out of it.That really appealed to me.”It’s estimated that between 4 and 5% of Americans practice some form of consensual non-monogamy, with interest in non-monogamy on the rise.One study found that more and more Americans are Googling alternatives to monogamy.

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