Candidating for a church

Then, make whatever point you wish about this, if any.

I recommend it strongly, both for the church (in many cases, they will get a new pastor for their investment) and for the minister, who needs the break.

Even if nothing comes from this interview, your questions could help them learn how pastors see this process.) In most cases, this is a briefer period than their interview with you, usually no more than 30 minutes.

Make the questions clear and ask for clarifications on responses you do not understand.

This could be a question on doctrine, a denominational controversy, some issue in their community, divorced deacons, divorce itself, homosexuality, entrenched leadership (i.e., treasurer or deacon chairman who has held the same position for 30 years), the pastor knowing how much people are contributing and who is tithing, and such.

You could go anywhere with this question, but should limit it to one or two issues of great weight to you.

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