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It’s seems pretty certain that Grujic is one of the two loan players we are being told City are chasing, while the other one is a striker and the suggestion that it could be Artem Dzyuba was given slightly more credence by this piece which includes quotes from a Russian television commentator.Also, a rumour to surface yesterday was that we were preparing an £11 nillion bid for West Brom’s Scottish international winger Matt Phillips – I know our manager likes his wingers, but another one? Finally, Greg Halford announced on Twitter on Thursday that he was leaving City.It was Healey who was the centre of attention though in a first half which saw City unable to fully cash in on their dominance because of a series of good saves by home keeper Stephen Hall.

This change in policy had been signposted by Neil Warnock during one of his meet the fans evenings last week where he explained that this long, hot summer with so little rain meant that the pitch at Rhwr Dda’r stadium was not in the best of condition and so no first team candidates would be risked.The second half saw another goalkeeper with the surname Hall involved, as Matthew of that ilk replaced Camp (he’s a new signing from Bangor City who was on the books of West Brom at one time) and there was more action in and around his goal as Taffs Well offered more of an attacking threat than they did in the opening forty five minutes.However, it was still City calling the shots for much of the time, and Healey, one of only three members of the starting eleven who survived beyond half time, made it two when he cut inside a defender to score confidently from about twelve yards out.I would like to wish someone who never let us down and whose experience proved to be a help at times last season best wishes for the future – here’s what he had to say, I think it says much about the man and the spirit at the club he has left.As someone who is now about a quarter of the way into his seventh decade of life, you would like to think I’ve seen enough during that time to be able to come up with a coherent answer as to what constitutes a strong competition and what makes up a weak one when it comes to football.There have been some idiotic penalties given for handball through VAR intervention, but, overall, I’d say its influence has been a positive one – it still doesn’t happen often enough, but anything which ensures that defenders get penalised for the wrestling holds we see at corners and free kicks and anything that ensures that diving cheats like Neymar don’t always prosper has to be a good thing.As to who is going to win it, I’d say that there has been a game in which all four remaining teams have struck me as potential winners.This doesn’t mean that 2018 has been a free scoring tournament, but VAR has helped to ensure that some poor quality matches which would have definitely finished goalless otherwise have ended up 1-0 thanks to penalties which would never have been given before.There have been dramatic finishes galore with plenty of late goals being scored and when VAR has got involved, this has only added to the sense of drama.I’m in agreement that this has been a good World Cup and, as someone who has watched all of them since 1966, I would rate it in the top three or four I’ve seen and yet I don’t think there has been one team in it that you could call great – this opinion may change though over the next five days because, really speaking, it’s still a little early to make these sort of judgments.Nevertheless, this is a tournament that has reignited the whole what is a good competition and what is a bad one debate with me, but this time, I feel slightly better equipped to make a judgement on the question that I’ve always struggled to answer.

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