Consolidating multiple itunes libraries

These changes are restored when you quit Touch Copy. Click on "Copy to i Tunes" in Touch Copy to copy all of your i Pod, i Phone or i Pad content into i Tunes.

The details on how to use Touch Copy are provided in our Touch Copy tutorial. Once you are satisfied that your content is safely in i Tunes, safely eject your device and repeat steps 2-3 for your other i Pods or i Phones.

Super Sync is the perfect application for any music lover.

Super Sync -- i Tunes libraries in perfect harmony. (608) 561-SYNC Super Sync is licensed for reproduction of non-copyrighted materials or materials the user is legally permitted to reproduce.

To merge content of your i Pods or i Phones follow these simple steps. Download Touch Copy and install it on your computer. Then start Touch Copy and connect your first i Pod or i Phone.

Touch Copy will have fixed your i Tunes preferences so that i Tunes will not sync music or video with your i Pod or i Phone while Touch Copy is running.

Click Save and your new i Tunes library will be created.

​i Tunes will then launch using the newly created library. Using this technique, two or more people using the same computer can manage their own i Pods, i Phones, and i Pads without interfering with each other's music or settings.

You can download the free demo of Touch Copy below, allowing you to transfer up to 100 tracks, FREE!Having multiple i Tunes libraries is similar to having two separate computers each with i Tunes on them.The libraries are completely separate: Music, movies, or apps that you add to one library won't be added to the other unless you copy the files to it (with one exception that I'll cover later).I recommend creating the new library in the existing Music/My Music folder.That way everyone's library and content is stored in the same place.That means if both i Tunes libraries on the same computer are accidentally signed into the same Apple ID, they'll end up with the same music downloaded to them automatically.Kind of ruins the point of having separate libraries!If you use Apple Music or i Tunes Match, it's crucial that you follow the advice in the last step of signing out of your Apple ID before quitting i Tunes.Both of those services are designed to sync music to all devices using the same Apple ID.After that, you have to decide where you want the library to live.Navigate through your computer and select a folder where the new library will be created.

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