Dating goddess

One day as I was reading an article about sexual surrogates, I said to my husband that it was something I would be great at and would fully enjoy doing. My first surrogacy patient had several problems and sexual issues.As I worked with him, he explained that he never knew that you could receive actual hands-on help with sex through a sexual surrogate and that it was a shame that people could not refer themselves.Hello and welcome to my website, I’m delighted you stopped by to learn more about me and my services.Interestingly, most people do not realize they are looking for me until they find me.” “I have taken the ‘little blue pill’ and it is not working. ” I can answer all these questions by dispelling false beliefs, teaching new tricks, discovering self love and much more, as well as educating you on love, sex, intimacy and relationships…all kinds of things you don’t know, you don’t know!My gifts, talents and training work together to offer sacred sexual healing.People are always seeking answers to their unresolved relationship questions. Is it regarding: For Men I achieve life-changing results by working with you on multiple levels simultaneously – mental, spiritual, energetic, intuitive and, of course, physical.Traditional therapies focus on one level of healing at a time, creating a prolonged process, wasting valuable time and money.

Hebrew mythology describes Lilith arguing with Adam over sexual dominance.

It is to love you on every level and to be open to receiving your love as well.

I believe that continued sexual enrichment keeps you happy, healthy and opens you to the life you have always dreamed of.

Her rulership of many aspects of magic and the lunar powers within theurgy (initiatory magic) practices, along with her worship, has been a recurrent theme for as long as history has been recorded; her legends are painted on ancient walls and carved into rock the world over.

Ancient cultures across all geographical parts of the world honored The Moon Goddess, and many societies celebrated multiple.

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