Dating silver candlestick

Very solid and heavy cast metal with knopped and baluster vase shaped stems and square hollowed out bases with canted corners.

1713 THOMAS FOLKINGHAM Price £17,500 A rare set of four early English silver candlesticks from the early 1700’s. Very solid cast silver with octagonal form and baluster columns. Each stick bears a hand engraved lion crest, for the Turnor family, on the base.

1707 THOMAS FOLKINGHAM Sold A very rare early English silver snuffers and stand with an octagonal stepped base and baluster stem. The cut corner square base has the typical style of the candlesticks of this period.

Both pieces have English silver hallmarks for London 1707. 1709 SIMON PANTIN (died 1728) Price £8,950 A beautiful pair of rare early English silver candlesticks.

The weight of the silver has a direct impact on the value of the item.Pawn shops or jewelry stores have the equipment to perform these tests usually.Secondly you should determine if they are SOLID silver or “loaded” as most of the value is found in the silver content.In addition, the silver- ware is exceptionally easy to clean, since it is dishwasher-proof and extremely resistant to tarnishing.From around AD300 to the late 18th, when oil lamps appeared, candles were the normal form of domestic lighting. Wax candles were 3 times the price and indicated both wealth and social position. One motto, although indistinct, reads "True To The End". These candlesticks are remarkable for their size and weight. It was the vision of an innovative tradition of service that inspired Georg Stradiot to found the Vienna Silver Manufacture in 2008.Today the company revives masterpieces from their collection of 11,000 drawings dating to 1882, as well as paves new roads in the production of silver with artists such as Erwin Wurm and Zaha Hadid.These lost favor because in times of strife the large church candlesticks with prickets became formidable weapons, so the socket was mandated.A candlestick's shape is often a good indicator of its age. Very solid and heavy cast metal with knopped and baluster vase shaped stems and square hollowed out bases with canted corners. Both scissors and stand have identical hand engraved crests of a gauntlet holding up a crown. The snuffer scissors, or wick trimmers, sit long ways in the stand.

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