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Laura made contact with a solicitor who lodged a case with the Equality Tribunal (which is under the remit of the Workplace Relations Commission – the WRC).She has since left her job but now, four years on, she hasn’t had an adjudication in her case and says hasn’t even been told when it will be brought forward.For more on Luke Cage, find out what role Iron Fist will play in the new season and every character who's confirmed to appear in Season 2.

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Streamlined service In late 2015, then-Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton said that the streamlined service being implemented at the WRC would reduce waiting times for cases to be resolved.All claims made to the Equality Tribunal before 1 October 2015 are now under the remit of this Adjudication Service.Among the targets proposed by Bruton was a commitment to “reduce waiting times with a target of three months from the time of complaint to hearing, with decisions issued on average within four months of complaints being submitted”.You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. LAURA* (NOT HER real name) worked for a company for several years before she became involved in a dispute with her colleagues.She tried to get her employer to intervene, but to no avail, and she felt quite bullied in the situation she was in.The WRC intends to deal with all legacy cases in 2017.So, taking the contents of their September report (892 legacy cases) and the 147 decisions since June, there are still at least around 700 cases waiting at least a year and a half for a decision to be reached.It's been over a year since the show made its debut back in September 2016, but Mike Colter's Luke Cage was a major part of last year's The Defenders.Season 2 will pick where the first season left off, with Luke Cage now having cleared his name.Laura said she is especially frustrated at this situation given the apparent low number of cases that have actually been adjudicated upon that were filed under the now-defunct Equality Tribunal in recent times, which you can check on the WRC website.Although this is significantly higher than it may first appear, the search function of the website makes it hard to track down how many of these legacy cases have been actually heard.

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