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The screen names or usernames give Internet users an identity for using the services of the World Wide Web.A screen name that you choose for your email account, chat applications or other web services should be catchy and unique.The contributions to the list of group names comes from people all over the world and hence you are sure to find huge list of innovative group names. Be sure to check all the pages in this discussion so that you don't miss out on the funny and innovative ones. Therefore, it demands at least some thought and time for deciding on a cool username.There are lots of screen name ideas which you can use while creating screen names.We could make a huge collection and update the first post. The other day I saw some people discussing "What should we keep the name for a Whats App friends group"? P, Gossip Goose, SWAGGER, Phone Buddies, The Ego Alters, The Clerks, 30 Rockers (if the members are all 30 years of age), Bloat Headers, Unmarried, The Madison Square, So So Group, Talented People, Queens, Purani T-Shirt, The Talk Stars etc. Here are some more: Civil Disobedients Block heads World Domination Strategists The Secret Squad Gossip Geese The Chamber of Secrets The Nerd Herd The Geek Bank Updated: We had one, right? There's nothing out there that needs to be discussed via Whats App, that can't be discussed here. It seems that there really is a dearth of creativity in naming group of friends.

One with cousins, other with Uncles and Aunts, another one with your immediate family and one more for families that work together at jobs.

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Update: The response to this list of the best whatsapp group names for family, friends, cousins, friends, college mates, colleagues has been tremendous and overwhelming. Anti-Coachpotatoes @shashil07 Those are some great names. Active Alligators, Bubbling Baboons Chicas & Cheetahs, Cattle Rattle, Secret Pod, Banished Barracudas, Angry Otters.

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I thought of compiling a list of the coolest and the best whatsapp group names that you've been using for your respective groups.

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