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The plight of women in 1806, dependent upon their husbands or male relatives for support, is beautifully integrated into this charming historical mystery, third in the series.Tana French Broken Harbor (Viking 2012) brings back Dublin Murder Squad detective Mick “Scorcher” Kennedy, the hard-driven by-the-book cop with an impressive solve record despite his stumble in the Faithful Place case.Anna Dean A Woman of Consequence (Minotaur 2012, UK 2010) finds Dido Kent, a 36-year old spinster, reduced to living in a cramped attic room at Badleigh Vicarage, a guest of her brother.

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The murder weapon is missing, but the detectives find several baby monitors, their cameras pointed at holes smashed into the walls of the otherwise immaculate and beautifully decorated house.Before Mick can whisk Dina off to safe seclusion at their sister’s house, she hears his voice on the news reporting the deaths at Broken Harbor, and spirals out of control.Fourth in the Dublin Murder Squad series, a unique blend of police procedural with psychological thriller, this compelling story of a complex detective is highly recommended.On a visit to Madderstone Abbey with Lucy and Harriet Crockford and their friend Penelope Lambe to hopefully capture a glimpse of the Grey Nun said to haunt the ruins, Penelope gasps and slips down the stairs, hitting her head and sustaining a concussion.The Crockford sisters and Penelope are visiting the Harman-Footes of Madderstone, and Mrs.Stephen Gallagher The Bedlam Detective (Crown 2012) is the story of Sebastian Becker, a former Pinkerton detective who has returned to 1912 London with his American wife and their brilliant but strange son Robert, who is probably autistic.Sebastian is the special investigator for the Lord Chancellor’s Visitor in Lunacy, charged with determining if the estates of eccentric and possibly mad Sir Owain Lancaster should be taken under control of the Crown.Suspicion falls upon Pat, who recently lost his job in the recession, when it is discovered that the Spains had reached the end of their savings, but the missing knife and files erased from the computer suggest an outside attacker.Mick’s ability to give his usual total concentration to the investigation is threatened by the reaction of his sister Dina, who has been mentally unstable since their mother walked into the sea during their annual two-week seaside family vacation at Broken Harbor many years earlier.With the help of Robert’s powers of concentration and attention to detail, Sebastian searches through Sir Owain’s book, hoping for clues to determine if he is a harmless lunatic or a murderer.This compelling and intricately plotted gothic historical thriller is highly recommended.

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