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Since the beginning of the year, I started noticing a new dating profile.

Flicking through Tinder, in the interest of immersive journalism, I kept seeing a biography specific to 2017.

But Lagana had taken the Trump badges and stickers off his tool bag, to avoid any reactions.

Still jubilant about Trump’s election, Lagana’s politics are seeping into the conversations he has with dates.

“I just said, ‘ok, nice to meet you.’” Following last year’s election, the Trump name isn’t just on the towering buildings of the New York skyline.

For some in the city, it’s the latest dating deal breaker.

They were concerned about stigma, negative reactions from colleagues or online retribution.

Frequently, the people I came across seemed interested in steering clear of anyone who supported Trump.

“Swipe left if you voted for Trump,” I’d see on one profile. The woman, a Chicago native, sought out the club because she felt politically isolated and sick of being told that she was wrong all the time.

After sharing his disgust, he reassured her that he would still go out with her, an offer that she politely declined.

The morning after last year’s presidential election results, Mike Lagana went to work in Manhattan.

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