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I mean, maybe a little" I said, also laughing at myself. And I think we should at least see if we can't work on this again." As she spoke I barely heard her. I continued, "A couple weeks ago when I picked the kids up you were, you were on your way out to a third date." "Yeah, and? " "Obviously it does to me" I said, obviously annoyed. She just smiled, acknowledging my question with a silent yes. Sperm competition at work, I wanted her more than I ever had. " She looked up at me, her eyes no longer shielded by a protective wall, but rather I saw my wife, the one who loved me, looking back, just waiting for me to receive her back. " I asked, my voice starting to shake just slightly. It didn't mean anything." By now I was rock hard and throbbing. " The annoyance on her face instantly melted away as she softly whispered "yes" as if embarrassed to admit it. " "Yes." Then leaning in close I looked her in the eyes and said, "Does all this talk of fucking make you want to do it? I stood up and reached my hand out for hers, "Lets go!There was an intensity between us we hadn't felt in such a long time, and I got the feeling it would remain a consistent part of our relationship forever. I want to know what you miss so bad" I texted back with hands trembling.It didn't take long until we both started to cum......hard, and loud. The text read; "I miss your tight little body You are so fucking sexy Text me" Then she took the phone and deleted it. " your hot little body your perfect tits your moans your taste" My heart was pounding with excitement as my cock began to grow."So wet" I muttered, as my lips pressed against hers. I began to thrust slowly into her wanting body, savoring every pleasure filled stroke.She grabbed my ass and spreading her legs open, pulled me in deep. As I did, images of her affair flashed through my mind.No matter what I was doing, talking to clients, watching tv, or taking a shower, in the back of my mind I could still hear Veronica's pleasure filled moans. " "Sounds good" I texted back, as butterflies filled my stomach. I could still remember the anxious feeling I had, and how my curiosity and the fear of completely losing her felt.It was torture knowing that while I sat home obsessing, she was most likely fucking her brains out with this guy, with absolutely no thought of me at all. Much to my surprise I almost immediately began to get aroused at the thought of seeing her. What was I doing, why did I still care, especially after watching her with someone else? Lunch time came and I walked awkwardly into the restaurant. I tried to play cool and unaffected, but I was already thinking too much. The one thing that gave me any hope after that night was knowing her ability to emotionally disengage from sex, and thankfully she had.

I couldn't help my mind from wandering back to the last time I saw her like this, riding someone other than me. "Just looking over the lunch specials" she said, obviously trying to act as normal as possible to make this less awkward. " "Dude, I am trying to move forward, that's the past, and we were separated, it's not relevant to us now what I did then. "Look I understand, but please understand YOU made me aware of that situation, and so I need to make peace with the questions that loom in my head or I'll never be able to move on. "That would help." I quickly responded with a smile. She shifted in her seat and said "We hooked up." "Haha well according to you that could me anything from a kiss to........" I started to say. And you ask why I get so worked up" I responded with a laugh. YES, of course it was good, I mean it was JUST about sex, so sure, it was exciting." Of course I already knew it was good, I heard her cum her brains out the first time they fucked, but I wanted her to say it, and have to squirm a little. Normally she would complain about my grip, but she was squeezing just as tight. Only a few weeks ag....." "I know" she said, cutting me off, "you know how I am. "you said that you were going to get some.......well, did you? Here we go, I thought, but I wasn't letting her off that easy. " she said sort of daringly, like are you sure you want to go down that road. The words echoed in my ears as I sat silent for a moment, letting it hang between us. I mean it's been a long time since you were with anyone else." "It was definitely different." "Are you really going to beat around the bush and make me ask every question more than once? You know I'm able to keep emotions out of it, so I didn't even let myself go there." "So all you did was meet up, hook up, and done? I mean we would go out for drinks, or dinner, but sometimes we just would meet up at my place or his." My mind was going crazy imagining all the insanely hot sex they must of had. I felt the urgency between us, we hadn't been that sexually charged since we first started dating, and it was exciting! We didn't talk the entire car ride there, but just held hands like there was no tomorrow.Whereas now, she lay under me, heart exposed, embracing me as if telling me she would never let go. Suddenly she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me over and onto my back.Then looking into my eyes, she sat down, as her soft, wet pussy, swallowed me whole. As she rode me, her hands rested on my chest and her eyes closed.Chapter 2-Reconciliation It had been a couple of weeks since that day, with almost no communication from Veronica. I'll always be distracted by them." I said confidently. This shit made her so uncomfortable, but right now I didn't care. "So why did it stop, I mean why didn't it turn into anything? Honestly, it was just sex," Geez, girls will never understand, that sounds even worse to a guy. A few minutes later we pulled up to her apartment, almost in the same place I did that night.I spent most of my free time trying to distract myself with working out and surfing, but that day kept replaying in my mind, haunting me in my dreams, and when I was awake. She huffed, "Ok fine, I'll do my best so you can move on. As we walked toward her door I flashed back to that day.Then just when I had given up any hope of reconciling ever again, she texted me. I saw her seated in a booth so I quickly moved over and sat opposite her. Her door flung open and we walked straight to her room. I stood for a moment, looking down at the unmade bed I was underneath only weeks earlier. We kissed with such passion, not since we first met.She looked up from her menu, sunglasses still on, and smiled. We tore at each other's clothes and climbed on the bed, naked.I don't even remember falling asleep, or how long it had been. I told him when we got back together, just so he would leave me alone" she said pacing around. I reread his texts one more time, my arousal firmly peaked, then texted back, "thanks for that, but you served your purpose.The first thing I noticed was our hands clasped together. I never felt so connected, so one, and so in love as I had in that moment, and I knew now we were going to be much different. We looked at each other with hungry eyes, excited, and happy. "Ok, well he obviously didn't, so what does he want? I'm in love with my husband and we are staying together." And with that I then blocked his number and deleted the texts.

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