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He lets all this information fly at the town hall and secretly writes an article about it for the school paper, much to the chagrin of Silvio, his editor.Needless to say, chaos ensues as soon as the article is published.Lionel: Shit hit the fan on the night of the protest and, to pretty much everyone’s surprise, most of that was because of our bashful budding journalist, Lionel.After Sam tells him (in so many words) that Armstrong-Parker is being used as a bargaining chip to stop her from protesting the town hall, Lionel does some research on the Hancocks -- aka Winchester’s wealthiest donors -- and uncovers that the family has been funding racist policies at the school for years.Written, directed, and co-produced by Justin Simien, the film, much like the series, follows a group of black students dealing with racial issues at the fictional Winchester University, a predominantly white, Ivy League institution.

(No wonder a friend calls him "Trobama" in episode 3.) Either way, Troy is kind of a big deal on campus.As the creator of both properties that (obviously) address issues like race and privilege head-on, Justin Simien has been no stranger to swells of silly, yet predictable, controversy since the film's 2014 Sundance screening.He's defended himself against a barrage of mean tweets from people who were offended by the show’s title, and there was even a call to boycott the series altogether.He started off by leaving a comment on the photo that steered the #Ship Pierson mentioned in a different direction. , the TV show, premiered on Netflix last year, three years after the release of the film of the same name.She’s presented as a foil to Sam’s character, and because of her darker skin, she struggles with thinking she must "tone down [her] blackness" to be accepted by the other students at Winchester. Reggie Green (Marque Richardson): Reggie is also a member of the Black Student Union, and he has a huge crush on Sam.His biggest moment in Season 1 comes when he’s involved in a fight at a party that leads to a campus police officer forcing him to identify himself as a student seconds before pulling a gun on him.To make matters worse, Gabe ended things with her just as the protest began to go downhill. Troy: Speaking of wild nights, Troy may have had the most shocking experience of them all.Our golden boy was set to moderate the town hall meeting at Hancock Hall in "Chapter X," but after making a late arrival, a scorned Coco steals his thunder when she ends up locking Troy out of the meeting and sending him outside to deal with the protesters.The incident with Reggie is a turning point for the season as a whole, and it echoes the countless times in which black men have been routinely profiled by police officers in the real world.Gabe Mitchell (John Patrick Amedori): Gabe is Sam’s boyfriend.

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  1. After briefly meeting Sookie at her place of work, Merlotte's bar, Sookie saves Bill from being "drained" by the Rattrays, a husband and wife who sell vampire blood for profit.