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If you'd like to host Jimmy & Tarik, send an e-mail to Surprise Dinner [email protected] with a special recipe & why they should visit your home!

#Surprise Dinner Party — Fallon Tonight (@Fallon Tonight) April 4, 2018 DEVELOPMENT E!

(Or maybe you just really loved her because you were #Team Kristin over #Team LC in the battle for Stephen Colletti's heart.)promises an intimate look at the reality star's day-to-day running her fashion and lifestyle brand (and brand-new Nashville store Uncommon James), but while "I'm CEO, bitch" Cavallari is the focus of the show, it's her new girl gang that populates it.

As for Jay, his NFL career is still up in the air -- he played out his 1-year contract with the Miami Dolphins in 2017 and did pretty well.

The main protagonist, focus, and star of MTV' S "reality show" Laguna Beach.

Famous for dating Stephen, buying designer clothes, and recklessley driving expensive SUV's.

"It's beautiful, and the people are genuinely nice." If You Ask Her...

PARENTING IS EASIER WHEN YOU'RE PREPARED "Have a snack ready before your child gets hungry, and a sippy cup filled before he's thirsty.

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