Lebron dating

Chris Bosh was the third option on those Heat teams.

He averaged 13 shots per game in the four seasons he played with James. Another significant question is how Le Bron and Simmons would work together.

All three of James’ titles have seen him playing alongside a guard who can create his own shot outside the paint (Dwyane Wade with the Heat, Irving with the Cavs).

A lot of Le Bron’s value comes from his ability to draw defenders and then kick out.

But the more I think about it, the less I like the idea of Le Bron James.

Hard to imagine the Eastern Conference finals going seven games.

It’s a two-parter, the first delivered in early April, when he named Le Bron the greatest of all time before a game against the Cavaliers.At the same time, I’m not sure about the validity of the notion that you can just plug Le Bron in to any roster and expect to compete with the Warriors or the Rockets or even the Celtics once they have Kyrie Irving and Gordon Heyward in the fold.Keep in mind, the Cavs completely dismantled the team they had built around Le Bron at midseason in pursuit of a better set of complementary parts.We got P, Mercy and star high-school hooper Hercy out in L. Hercy told us he's looking at colleges, with big schools like USC already offering him.Mercy seemed to have his sights set on his peers, saying he isn't scared of anyone in his age (he's 12) or even older, including Le Bron's son.You don't want to take aggressiveness away from your players, but you've got to be smart out there and calm and make good decisions."Stephenson shrugged off the technical -- "I don't care. I don't care." -- and volunteered to go at James again as the series continues."As long as my teammates have my back, I'll control what I can control," he said. You expect to be pushed."We'll see just how far the Pacers can push the Cavs if they go up 2-0 after Wednesday's Game 2."I get to rest," James said. I hate writing that sentence, because its a quick trip to the hot take waste bin for a lot of people. The burden of proof is squarely on the guy trying to argue against the most physically dominant basketball player since Wilt Chamberlain, and I’m not sure I can find the evidence. It would be difficult to find four guys on this Earth who wouldn’t become a championship contender with James in the fold. Swap out Kyle Korver for JJ Redick, and Jordan Clarkson for Ben Simmons, and Tristan Thompson for Joel Embiid?The second part came at the end of the season, when he emphatically endorsed the notion that a player of such caliber would be a welcome and indisputable wise addition to his team.Brown did not cite Le Bron by name, due to those pesky tampering rules that sports leagues insist upon, but the majority of people who listened to him came away with the understanding that he was referring to his personally anointed GOAT.But, then, Brown knows more about basketball than I ever will. And, besides, it’s hard to imagine Le Bron resisting the opportunity to build a superteam with the Lakers that could also include George.

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