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17854 (17th BG, 95th BS) w/o 17855 (320th BG, 441st BS, "Lady Eve") hit by AAA and crashlanded between Tunis and Bizerte, Tunisia Jul 17, 1943. 17856 (322nd BG, 452nd BS) ditched Apr 5, 1943 at sea due to mechanical failure. Transferred to AURI 93571 (MSN 13497) to NEIAF as DT-962, callsign VH-REP. May 20, 2003 By road to RAFM Hendon for display in main aircraft hall. I also have this one as going to Peru 49308 to Peru 49326 to Peru 49335 to Peru as FAP-127. 57772 (MSN 10142) crashed Jan 16, 1953 at Chaumont, France 57773 (MSN 10143) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5106B 1957-1969 57774 (MSN 10144) to civilian registry as CX-AQA with Aerovias Monder, Modevideo, Uruguay, to PP-CEE with Cruzeiro do Sul, Brazil. 57779 (MSN 10149) crashed Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada Dec 23, 1948.

The plane was flying in formation from Marrakech, French Morocco to St Eval, Cornwall, England, when it reported the failure of one of its engines when 40 miles off the Portuguese coast and given the order to go to Lisbon. 93573 (MSN 13500) w/o in takeoff accident Oct 13, 1944 Nandi AB, Fiji 93576 (MSN 13503) to MLD (Marine Luchtvaard Dienst--Dutch Navy) as Q-8. Allocated RAF "maintenance" serial of 9212M 49300 served with 104th FS, 175th FW of Maryland ANG at Harbor Field, Baltimore, Maryland between 19. Now on civil registry as N47DF 49337 to Chile in 1947 as 752. To nightclub in Rio de Janeiro in 1965 57775 (MSN 10145) to civilian registry in Uruguay as CX-AQB, then to Bankers Life and Casualty Co of Chicago, IL as N5105B from 1957 to 1969. 57780 (MSN 10150) to NX54210, HP0220, OB-TAI-438, N6236C, OB-WAE-438, OB-UAA-438, N74810, TG-AYA, N74810, N127E. Airframe broken up at some point after 1987l Fuselage currently preserved at Hagerstown Aviation Museum, Hagerstown, MD 57783 (MSN 10153) to US civil registry as N7855B. Derelict at Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil at Eduardo Gomes airport.

17857 (320th BG, 441st BS, "Aunt Minnie") salvaged Nov 14, 1943. 3301 (367th BS, 306th BG) crashlanded at Little Staughton, England Nov 15, 1943 3302 (390th BG, 571st BS, "Rick-O-Shay") shot down by fighter at Suttrup, 3 km SW of Freren, Germany Oct 10, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 3316 (385th BG,550th BS, 'Big Stinky/Betty Boom') collided with the crashing 42-30257 and crashed into North Sea NW of Hornum, Germany Jul 28, 1943. (95th BG, 412th BS, "The Spirit of '76") downed Nov 30, 1943 on mission to Solingen close to Haelen, near Roermond, Netherlands 3318 (96th BG, 413rd BS, "Shack Rabbit II") shot down by Oblt Herbert Huppertz in Fw 190A-6 of JG 2/8 over Bay of Biscay 47 km W of Ile de Groix, France Sep 23, 1943. crashed into side of Buckhorn Canyon, Colorado May 13, 1943 during ferry flight from Denver to Great Falls, MT. 3321 ("Kathy Jane II") 3324 converted to F-9 photo-recon aircraft with cameras added and bombing equipment deleted. 42-5249 Boeing B-17F-40-BO Fortress MSN 3689/3788 5150 surveyed Kearney AAF Feb 20, 1945 5151 reclamation completed Burbank Apr 9, 1946 5152 (379th BG, 526th BS) crashed into a mountain near Elko, NV Jan 2, 1943. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5155 (305th BG, 365th BS) lost May 19, 1943. 93580 (MSN 13507) 93581 (MSN 13509) 93582 (MSN 13510) by 1954 was PI-C55 of Philippine Air Lines 93583 (MSN 13511) 93584 (MSN 13512) to XY-ACC. 93586 (MSN 13514) 93587 (MSN 13515) 93588 (MSN 13516) 93589 (MSN 13517) 93590 (MSN 13519) 93591 (MSN 13520) 93592 (MSN 13521) became VH-ANU of Australian National Airways. SOC in 1974 57789 (MSN 10159) to Bankers Life and Casualty Co, Chicago, IL as N5100B in 1957.

17859 (320th BG) dropped out of formation and MIA May 25, 1943 17861 (320th BG, 444th BS, "Dangerous Dan") damaged by AAA, 6 crew bailed out, remaining 2 crew crashlanded at Sele, Italy Sept 21, 1943, Italy. 17865 (320th BG, 442nd BS, "Fuzzy Baby") salvaged Apr 23, 1943 17868 (17th BG, 37th BS, 12th AF) shot down by Bf 109G-4/Trop flown by unknown pilot of JG 53/4 8 mi SE of Tunis, Tunisia Feb 24, 1943. 17870 (17th BG, 432nd BS) did not arrive in Algeria 17872 (17th BG, 37th BS) shot down by Bf 109G-2/Trop flown by unknown pilot of JG 51 NW of Gabes, Tunisia and disintegrated in midair Jan 15, 1943. 17873 (17th BG, 37th BS) shot down by AAA and crashed into Tunis Bay Feb 24, 1943 17874 (320th BG, 441st BS, "Sweet and Hot") crahlanded Jun 24, 1943. 3230 (384th BG, 545th BS, *Yankee Powerhouse II*) shot down by enemy fighter at Weiler, Near Bingen, Germany Aug 17, 1943 on mission to Schweinfurt, Germany. (384th BG, 545th BS, *The Inferno*) shot down by Obfw Detlef Luth in Fw 190A of JG 1/4 near Liblar, Germany Aug 12, 1943 on mission to Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 4 KIA, (100th BG, 350th BS, *Flak Happy*) damaged on mission to Regensburg Aug 17, 1943 and crashed at Ghedi, Italy. 2 KIA, 7 POW, 1 evaded 3233 (100th BG, 350th BS, *Our Baby*) shot down by flak and fighters near Essen, NW of Quackenbruck, Germany on mission to Bremen Oct 8, 1943. Salvaged Oct 13, 1943 3235 (384th BG, 545th BS, *Lakanuki*) shot down by Uffz Wolfgang Ortlepp in Fw 190A-5 of JG 2/Stab Jul 4, 1943 on mission to Le Mans (Sarthe), France. Plane fell in the villate of Poille dur Vegre (Sarthe). 3237 delivered Cyeyenne Apr 5,1 943, to Dow Field May 30,1943. MACR 3639 3249 (96th BG, 413th BS) lost during raid on Bremen Dec 16, 1943 and crashed into Zuider Zee, Holland MACR 1569. 3250 damaged in takeoff accident at Hendricks Field, FL Mar 7, 1945 3251 (97th BG) lost Jan 11, 1944. 3259 (384BG) named "Snafu" when assigned to 546 Sq; named "Alabama Whirlwind" after transfer to 545 Sq Mar 1, 1944. 3263 ("Slightly Dangerous" 3264 (95th BG, 335th BS) shot down by AAA over Germany Jul 26, 1943. (96th BG, 337th BS, "Holy Mackerel") shot down by AAA and crashed at Kimswerd, Netherlands Dec 16, 1943, Germany MACR 1568. 3266 (95th BG, 334th BS, "Sittin' Bull") crashed into English Channel 20 mi S of UK Sep 15, 1943. Assigned to 101st BS, 91st BG at Bassingbourn Jun 7m, 1943. 42-3338 Douglas-Long Beach B-17F-45-DL Fortress MSN 8220/8274 3284 (96th BG, 413th BS, "Guess Who") shot down by fighter 15 mi of Wesel, NRW, Germany Jun 22, 1943. 3285 (388 BG, 562 BS) lost Jan 29, 1944, Cambrai, France. 3287 (94th BG, 410th BS) crashlanded at Troston, England Aug 5, 1943 3288 (96th BG, 338th BS, "Green Fury II") shot down by Uffz Hubert Swoboda in Bf 109G-5 of JG 1/11 at Nordeney, Germany Dec 20, 1943. 6 KIA, (388th BG, 562nd BS, "Wolf Pack") shot down by fighter Sep 6, 1943 near Dettingen an der Erms, Germany. 10 killed 3292 (303rd BG, 427th BS, "City of Albuquerque") 3293 (388th BG, 560th BS, "Slightly Dangerous") shot dowm by fighter at Champigny, Yonne, France Sep 6, 1943. 5 KIA, 3 POW, 2 evaded 3294 (385th BG, 550th BS, 'Suzanne') ditched off Lisbon, Porgugal Dec 5, 1943. 3326 (96th BG, 413th BS, "Moore-Fidite II") shot down by fighter over North Sea off German Coast Jul 28, 1943. MACR 137 3328 (390th BG, 568th BS, "Miss Furtune") hit by a rocket fired by Obfw Hans Raab in Bf 110G-2 of ZG 1/2, then collided with 42-3415 and both crashed at Burgsteinfurt, Germany Oct 10, 1943. Crashed during group assembly due to engine failure near Hounsel Wood, Salehurst, Hurst Green, Sussex, England Feb 5, 1944 3330 (384th BG, 544th BS) shot down by Maj. 3331 (94th BG, 331st BS, "Naturals/7-11") shot down by Maj. Sold by War Assets Corp to Paul Mantz Feb 19, 1946 5167 to RFC Altus Aug 30, 1945 5168 to CL-26 Lockbourne AB Aug 6, 1943 5169 to RFC Altus Oct 9, 1945 5170 (99th BG, 347th BS) lost Jan 10, 1944. Not converted for civilian use and relegated to spares use at Liverpool/Speke AP Apr 8, 1947. DBR at Ringway (Manchester) IAP Aug 31, 1946 when stalled back onto runway when taking off from overshoot. To Swissair as HB-IRH in 1951, probably on lease since it was returned to Ethiopian Airlines as ET-T-. To Empresa Guatemalteca de Aviacion (Aviateca) as LG-AMA. W/o Feb 17, 1975 when DBR by fire on the ground at Tikal-El Peten Airport, Guatemala. 93599 (MSN 13529) delivered June 07, 1944, arrived in Manila June 14, 1944. 57792 (MSN 10162) to civil registry as N74044, to Fairchild Hiller Corp as N6845A but ntu 57793 (MSN 10163) to civilian registry in 1957 as N5120B with Bankers Life and Casualty Co, later in Jan 1960 with Aviation Facilities of Miami, FL. Seen derelict on fire dump at Fairbanks, Alaska 1973-1979.

The ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, ESO's cutting-edge free astronomy centre, has been open to the public since 28 April 2018.

Live view of the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor Centre, at ESO Headquarters in Garching bei München, Germany.

41-2099 Lockheed F-4-1-LO Lightning MSN 222-5316/5317. Originally ordered as P-38E, but completed as F-4-1-LO 2098 (8th PRS) crashed in NE New Guinea Sep 14, 1942. Landed at Ankara, Turkey June 12, 1942 and interned 11610 to RAF as Liberator GR. The IARC has this plane as returning to USA Feb 26, 1944-Mar 2, 1944, and going to reclamation at Keesler AAF, MS Nov 20, 1944, and reclamation completed as RB-24D May 24, 1946 11614 was HALPRO #15, 'Ripper the 1st', later 376th BG, 515th BS, 'Ripper the 2nd'. Returned to USA Jul 19, 1944, to RFC at Hill Field, UT Oct 10, 1945, scrapped Apr 30, 1946 11617 was HALPRO #12 'Old King Solomon'. 11620 was HALPRO #16 'Edna Elizabeth B', to CL-26 San Bernardino ATS Sep 20, 1944 11621 to RAF as Liberator III FK231. 11622 was HALPRO #05 *Town Hall*, landed at Adapazari, Turkey June 12, 1942 and interned. 1986 Exchanged with RAF Museum for the former Spitfire LFXIVE gategaurd TE356 from RAF Leeming, Yorkshire. Displayed in park, Sao Paulo City as 4191/C3, 1968-1975. 57755 (MSN 10125) to civil registry with Bankers Life and Casualty Co, Chicago, IL as N5109B 57756 (MSN 10126) to civilian registry as N75885, XA-LOK of Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, CP-694 (ntu). 57757 (MSN 10127) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled 57758 (MSN 10128) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled.

Crashed near Ellicott, CO and was assigned to 10th PRS. 41-11626 Consolidated B-24D-CO Liberator MSN 105/122 11609 "Little Eva" was HALPRO aircraft #06. Lost with 93rd BG on Ploesti raid Rumania Aug 1, 1943. I have another reference (Al Blue) which has this plane as having been scrapped Nov 20, 1944. 11615 was HALPRO #20 'Mona the Lame Duck', condemned Jul 23, 1942 11616 was *Arkansas Traveler* HALPRO #14, later 376th BG. Crashed into sea during convoy escort duty Aug 12, 1942. 1985 recovered (together with fellow P-47 13021) from Belgrade by collector Doug Arnold and stored at Bitteswell, Leics with other aircraft forming his Warbirds of Great Britain Collection. Registered as N3152D to Charles F Nichols 11Oct91, current. 57754 (MSN 10124) proposed EC-82A conversion cancelled. Scrapped at Long Beach airport, California in 1972.

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