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Some people reported issues with the pudding setting, and the xanthan gum was less readily available for many. ;))Despite the conflict between the name and the fact that I had family coming for New Year’s, I made this sex in a pan dessert for the celebration.

Providing sufficient cooling is essential to ensure reliable running of servers, routers, switches and other key equipment.Purpose built Server Rooms don’t normally have people working in them, but if people do regularly work in your Server Room you will have to take that into account. Clearly most heat in a Server Room is generated by the equipment.This is trickier to calculate that you might think.Failure of the air conditioning can have serious consequences for the equipment itself and for your company.Early warning of problems and spare capacity in the cooling system are both highly desirable.The wattage on equipment is the maximum power consumption rating, the actual power consumed may be less.However it is probably safer to overestimate the wattage than underestimate it.The amount of heat generated is known as the heat gain or heat load.Heat is measured in either British Thermal Units (BTU) or Kilowatts (KW). The heat load depends on a number of factors, by taking into account those that apply in your circumstances and adding them together a reasonably accurate measure of the total heat can be calculated*.I skipped the vanilla pudding layer, because patience isn’t my strong suit.Waiting for each layer to set already took long enough with five layers! Anyway, the other layers are so decadent that I don’t think you’ll miss the one I omitted.

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