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Mileage: 0.5 mile roundtrip Difficulty: Easy Best time to go: Fall, winter, spring Just behind the Joshua Tree National Park visitor center in Twentynine Palms, the Oasis of Mara offers a quick stretch of the legs (as you journey to your next desert destination) with its paved ADA-accessible pathway.

The first tribe recorded to live here, the Serrano, dubbed it Mah-rah meaning “the place of little springs and much grass.” Although the oasis has seen better days (the springs were practically drained dry when the town of Twentynine Palms began to grow), one can still imagine the Serrano, and later the Chemehuevi, sustaining themselves all year on the life-giving springs.

A birder’s paradise, the marsh within the preserve supports the second highest density of breeding birds known in the United States.

Many come to scope out the rare bird species that migrate through like the vermillion flycatcher and least bell’s vireo.

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The Greater Palm Springs area is filled with hiking opportunities that allow you to explore incredible oases among the desert landscapes.

Due to its remoteness, you may be rewarded with a bighorn sheep sighting if you keep your eyes peeled.For an easy 2-mile round trip hike, park at the Andreas Canyon trailhead and enjoy a relaxing walk weaving through the palms and past serene pools and ancient bedrock mortars.For a heart-pumping yet historical hike, try the Maynard Mine Trail, which is a 7-mile round trip with 2,000 feet in elevation gain.At the end of the road lies the old Trout Farm, now the preserve’s ranger station.The Canyon View Loop Trail (3.5 miles roundtrip and 400 feet elevation gain) starts from the ranger station and takes you up along the ridge and then drops down into the riverbed back toward the station.At Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, you can seek the shade of cottonwoods, willows, sycamores, alders, mesquite, and a few palms.The variety of trees isn’t the only attraction though.Win a Date, Chill Gift Card and Daddy Hunt prizes every Tuesday Anita Rose hosts a hilariously fun dating game show every Tuesday at chill!contestant registration at game show at 8pm or PM us to be a contestant or for more information.Mileage: 3.5 - 5 miles Difficulty: Easy - moderate Best time to go: Fall, Winter, Spring When driving up Whitewater Canyon, you leave behind the wind-scoured desert and enter a world where, surprisingly enough, water dominates.There are several pullouts along the drive where you can park and walk a short distance to the Whitewater River—that is, if it’s flowing.

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