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Of the houses, stores, and churches that line the little town's few streets, most were built by pioneer labour and they still display their clapboard construction. When we first moved to the Village the population was comprised of mainly older families whose children had already grown.

Best known is the white clapboard general store, built in 1875, which stands at the corner of River Road and the Parry Sound Road. There are many young families who now live in Rosseau and many small businesses thrive not only in the village but throughout the surrounding areas.

Follow the left branch 10 km to Orrville, keeping right at the two intersections you encounter on the way.

This takes you over the Turtle Lake road, and on to Star Lake Road.

Popular with local artists and photographers, this frame shop with its hand painted sign dates from the turn of the century.

Its doors, however, have been closed for several years.

(which it is)We have snowmobiled there many times and used the church's open door to warm up on cold days. Tracy M., Windsor, Ontario.(Thank you to: Karen patient of Township of Seguin for correcting my notes) One of the first buildings you will see in Orrville is Campbell's blacksmith shop.But with the forests laid waste and the fertile Canadian prairies ready for settlement, the Nipissing Road was doomed almost from the start. Behind them they left overgrown bush farms and vacant villages.Only four settlements prospered, and today they are still regional centres: Rosseau and Nipissing, the centres of modest farm and tourist economies; Magnetawan, located between Ahmic & Cecebe lakes and part of a long- forgotten east west waterway; and Commanda, which has one of Ontario's most unusual general stores.Rosseau has quickly become more than simply a "minutes place".Please do not forget the many residents who live here, operate their businesses from the Village and raise their children here." To contact the writer click on the" name" Kelly We received this comment from another of our readers . May I comment on the building referred to as the Old Legion Hall. In 1870 a group of men who belonged to the Orange Lodge in Canada applied for a warrant to start a Lodge in Rosseau.Settlers and businessmen disembarked here to follow the Parry Sound Road west or the Nipissing Road north.Tourists soon followed, and today Rosseau, with its population of 225, survives primarily as a summer cottage town. What a wonderful place my husband and I have found it to raise our four children.This is the starting point of the Nipissing Road and the site of a village called ASHDOWN, look for the plaque with details at the corner of the the HWY and the Nipissing Road.Named after a pioneer family, Ashdown could once claim a store, a school, an Orange Hall, a blacksmith's shop, and a hotel.Today, nothing remains except for vague cellar holes and rotting lumber.The town, like so many along the Nipissing road went into decay after the Booth Railway and the rail from Gravenhurst and Callander was built. Turn right onto the gravel road and drive north for 1 km to a fork. (The original Nipissing Road followed the right branch, but it soon degenerates into a bush trail that is suitable only for hikers, mountain bikes, 4 wheel drives or winter snowmobiles.) There is a pioneer log church about 15 km from this fork, if you want to take a side trip. You will have to turn back to the fork to proceed along the trail.

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