Real time updating of files

ultimately, I want to push my excel file data to Power BI, and when I change or update the data in excel file, it should reflect the tile in Power BI automatically without press the refresh button. How can I see the content of a log file in real time in Linux?To install lnav utility in Debian and Red Hat based Linux distributions by issuing the below command.In this article, we showed how to watch data being appended in log files in real-time on the terminal in Linux.In the first example the command tail needs the Another interesting command to display log files in real time is multitail command.The name of the command implies that multitail utility can monitor and keep track of multiple files in real time.Use your mobile to sync new files to all the linked devices.

Important note on Sync: Usage of Sync functionality requires a separate activation.The moment you modify files, the updates sync to the local drive of computers on which Sync is enabled and to your cloud account; thus you can instantly access the latest version of your files locally, via web browser, and using mobile apps too! Sync storage limit matches your backup storage limits.You need to activate Sync in your IDrive account just once – via desktop app, mobile app or web browser.IDrive creates a unique local folder on the computer.Add files to this folder to sync them in real time.You can ask any questions or share your thoughts concerning this guide via the comment form below.View all Posts Matei Cezar I'am a computer addicted guy, a fan of open source and linux based system software, have about 4 years experience with Linux distributions desktop, servers and bash scripting.Well there are a lot of utilities out there that can help a user to output the content of a file while the file is changing or continuously updating.Some of the most known and heavily used utility to display a file content in real time in Linux is the tail command (manage files effectively).You can also select some synced files for offline access.Log into, and on the Sync tab, click 'Enable Sync'. Also, view, download and share files synced from elsewhere.

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