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Nor was it freedom to indulge every appetite or whim without restraint—that would merely be servitude to a different master.

No, the Founders’ passion was to live free before God, unfettered by the chains of autocracy, shackles that slowly but inexorably bind men when the governments they fashion fail to recognize and uphold freedom’s singular, foundational truth: that all men are created in the image of God, and are thereby co-equally endowed with the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” This presentation is a similar call, not to one but many.

By reintroducing the principles of freedom that gave birth to America, it is our prayer that Jesus, the true and only ruler over the nations, will once again be our acknowledged Sovereign, that we may again know and exult in the great truth that “where the Spirit of the features “Liberty: The Model of Christian Liberty” along with “Dawn’s Early Light: A Brief History of America’s Christian Foundations.” Bonus features include a humorous but instructive collection of campaign ads and Eric Holmberg’s controversial You Tube challenge concerning Mitt Romney’s campaign for president.

Massacre of Innocence goes where no pro-life presentation has gone before in “tearing the lid off abortion” to reveal the spiritual realities we must battle if we will bring an end to this crime. a powerfully articulate presentation about what abortion really means, and why a great and moral nation like the United States must not allow the slaughter to continue.” That Swiss Hermit Strikes Again! Schaeffer, who was one of the most influential Christian thinkers in the twentieth century, shows that secular humanism has displaced the Judeo-Christian consensus that once defined our nation’s moral boundaries.Her mouth opens – as if to scream – but no sound can come out.Her scream doesn’t have to remain silent, however … This newly re-mastered version features eight language tracks and two bonus videos.The presentation is absorbing, fast-paced, informative and incredibly devastating to any attempt to justify abortion. Law, education, and medicine have all been reshaped for the worse as a consequence.America’s dominant worldview changed, Schaeffer charges, when Christians weren’t looking.Posted by December Sun Blog on 07/18/2018 PM # Exposing The Occult Roots of Abortion This presentation looks at the spiritual roots of abortion and exposes the myths surrounding child killing.Little known historical facts about abortion and how they relate to modern feminism are presented logically and accurately.Whenever I check out a commentary (or a commentator), I always check how they deal with this passage as one gauge for how seriously I should take them. Posted by John on 07/18/2018 PM # That's too awesome how God worked through someone like Robinson, who started to write his book "as a joke" but ultimately was lead to appreciate the conservative, traditional point of view.That's just remarkable how God works in mysterious ways.The overarching message of Daniel is that Jesus the Messiah is even now ruling over the nations. Daniel tells us that Messiah’s kingdom will advance in the whole world from “generation to generation” (Daniel 4:4,34).Christ’s dominion is “given to the people of the saints of the most High” (Daniel ).

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