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net/~watcher/The fatal speedball seizure of River Phoenix on Halloween night, 1993, coincided in the media with the apocalyptic fire storm in Malibu and the death of Frederico Fellini.In early September, newspapers in London and Buenos Aires headlined a story that directly concerned River Phoenix but, after the initial burst of coverage, was conspicuously absent from the American press - a raid on the Pilar, Argentina compound of the Family of Love, formerly the Children of God sect.After I left the group and complained to the police, I received many death threats."The Times of London reported on September 3 that video tapes seized by police - and broadcast on Argentina's nightly news - depicted "abhorrent Satanistic acts ...

The London Times reported that the children were "living in compartmented cells and answered questions like automatons.Most of the group's more lurid literary efforts were destroyed in 1987, including The Davidito Letter, written by Sara Davidito, a nurse in charge of group child care instruction.[...]Berg's disciples insist that the Argentine arrests are the latest instance of authoritarian jackboots tramping on their religious freedoms.Christie Richards, a sect leader in Cleveland, Ohio maintains that "flirty-fishing" is "something we totally stopped." Ostensibly, Berg has proscribed sexual proselytizing, but former Children only shake their heads.Other former disciples have described Berg as "Satanic," a charge first made by former members in 1973.Devil worshiper or not, he has long been a pugnacious anarchist, declaring "war" in 1968 "on the hypocritical old bottles of the religious system who were lined up on the back seat, and I cast in my lot with outlaws, drug addicts, maniacs, and the younger generation."The allegations of former sect children were corroborated by the medical evidence - despite widespread and deceptive syndicated news stories like the one released by Reuter on September 5 claiming that "physical examinations carried out on the children turned up no signs of abuse." There followed a lull in the American press, a virtual news black-out.[...]The Family fought back with denials that children had been harmed, accusing police of "religious persecution," of "stealing" and "torturing our children with physical examinations," as the Paraguayan branch of the sect maintained his at a demonstration in Montevideo - itself under scrutiny for kidnapping and child abuse.Police confiscated videos and magazines of children engaged in sex acts with adults.Also seized was a book for children, The Life of Little David, a Bible parody and tale of sexual initiation as told by "Sister Sarah." In one home video, naked young girls danced with silk scarves.They have received military training to protect themselves from outsiders."Police in Buenos Aries were quickly inundated by "hundreds of telephone calls from the public requesting a special investigation,' according to the daily Clarin.After the raids, The New York Times, Time, Espanol, NBC and CNN all chimed in with prominently-placed features on the Family.[...] Silvina Cangaro, an interior decorator and former Family member, spoke to Gente, Argentina answer to People, of her recruitment: "When I became a member, I immediately took part in Satanic rites.Berg himself has, in a "Mo" letter to his congregation, warned that "sexual freedom must never be indulged in or practiced openly in the presence of visitors, strangers or uninitiated relatives or friends."Julia Berg, his granddaughter, has quit the sect.She now lives in a mountain canyon two hours from Los Angeles, where she looks back with anger on her life in the COG.

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