Sandara park and g dragon dating

Which is weird because Seo Joon is my fav & I love Min Young in her works. 'Queen for Seven Days' was cliche but I ended up loving it because I could feel the intense chemistry. I'm more excited & glued to the screen when watching these. Turns out it was just beacuse of 'that' (wont mention it to avoid spoiling it for others) I personally find this drama very good, after hard working day it's so nice to watch something like this drama.

I still have not figured out why the chemistry was slightly lacking. But the other casts are catching my attention more. I really do hope the continuing storyline & ending will be awesome! I like very much both leads and the supporting cast, I find it's a really great teamwork!

It's so simple, light and funny, it gives positive vibes. It like healing drama.was so cute and sweet..especially to PMY and PSJ... But after few thinking, I watched again this drama and I don't regret it.

I like that PMY showed response to kisses, because frequently in k-dramas girls during kiss scenes look like if somebody has scared them, without even moving the lips. I've been attracted to Kang Ki Young since 'Oh My Ghost'. This couple came out of nowhere and boom, chemistry flying everywhere. Bong Se Ra (Hwang Bo Ra) seems exaggerating but she grew on me since 'Borg Mom' and afterwards 'Miracle We Met'. Seo Joon is my Top 3 actors, so I was instantly bias to like this drama. I love chemistry PArk seo jon-Park minyoung Their charms already suck my attention. They thanked her for her cameo in the ending credits of ep 11.

what's good with this drama is that they have the best supporting casts, they bring so much laughters to me! C'mon your comments are so absurd like your thoughts about this drama! The reason why this drama is popular is because of the eye candy. At first i didn't like it but when you watch it and fully understand what the story is all about you will kinda be addicted to it... A thumbs up to the writer, actresses, actors and the whole fam.. I just started on this drama and still interested in watching it further. this drama is an example of how something classic is so well executed that its thoroughly enjoyable.

Personally I enjoy watching the actors who play the characters Park Yoosik and Bong Sera the most. that's why i want this drama to end i mean i want to see how this drama ending will be. But I agree with some of you it’s not a splendid rom-com drama. I like all the plots are reliable and supporting each other. Hope this drama will get many appreciations they really worthy deserved! You will feel the joy, love, and warmth while watching it. But, anyhow i am totally attracted towards the show... Sometimes, comedy can be hard to translate - literally. But, on the site I'm watching it, its all coming through quite clearly, which is delightful.

after watching their romantic story at this is my first life....i can't accept that....:(:( but this drama is really :) this drama is daebak! For people who just want to watch dramas without having to think much about the plot and no bad guys to hate, this drama is it. I like PMY but her “surprised “ facial expression to the sudden embrace leading to kissing situations look the same EVERYTIME. Watch the drama, you will be able to make your own opinion. you will regret it if you not watch this gem What's wrong with the drama being cliche?

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When you’ve been a true kdrama fan over a long span of time, this won’t be in your top 15 list even. Till now i think i have watched the episodes more than 20times.. The only character who throws me off a bit is Bong Se Ra because she feels so way overdone, while everyone else is the "quietly exaggerated for comedic effect" zone. The delivery of lines, with wonderful facial expressions and the entertaining sound effects is so much fun. A fabulous mix of awkward and, yet, so familiar that they can recover.

I mean both are good actor/actress & there's nothing wrong with their acting. I am nobody's fan, but I got to know great actors through this drama and will try to watch their other projects. ROM-COM vs legal drama vs historical drama, I usually dont pick ROM-COM, this is drama is an exemption.

I have watched many k-dramas, sometimes I find that the male lead is the one who expresses more chemistry, compared to the female lead and vice versa. i dont want it to be as ruined as the others good drama which have a good flow at first but the ending make me frust even more .... Cliche is not so for me, but it all depends on the actors portraying, Lee min ho has a hard time putting into cliches.

I would not say that this is a must watch drama, but I found it worthy to watch. But still I realised that the chemistry between the leads doesn't work as well as I anticipated. I was hoping we'll get a more deeper reason behind her kidnapping the kids tho.

this drama is so AMAZING.....i just smile while watching this drama..know when we are so stressed out with our job and then watch this kind of drama.. At the first few episodes, I suddenly felt like dropping this drama because it felt like I wouldn't contain the next episodes because of Young-Joon, Miso, and Sung-Yeon's past and such.

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