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Courses are taught in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian. For more information, consult the Center for Global and International Studies. Some attention will be given to the dispersion of Africans into the Americas and the leadership that emerged, conditioned both by environmental factors and the psychology engendered by the system of slavery. UKan Teach prepares future secondary (6th- through 12th-grade) math and science teachers by encouraging students to learn to teach while pursuing a 4-year bachelor’s degree. Selected successful black leaders will be invited to visit the class from time to time. The natural sciences involve explanations and predictions of the natural world. Topics include the consumption of images, the function of images in war and the relationship between popular culture and war. Each department lends a unique perspective on the world. History of Women and Work in Comparative Perspective. This course explores the connection between historical changes in the labor process and the occupational choices available to women in different countries.

Graduation requirements and regulations for every academic program are provided in this catalog. Emphasis is on the social, political, historical, cultural and economic factors that lead to the creation of ethnic and racial identities, ethnic conflict and accommodation, ethnic movements, and ethnic political organization.

KULAC makes it possible for you to develop these skills without slowing progress toward your degree. Students gain awareness of major scholars and "schools" that have pursued critical, interdisciplinary research or cultural processes and products in the field of American Studies.

KULAC courses are open to any student who has completed at least two years of college-level classes in the relevant language. The course focuses on the concept of leadership and on black leadership in the United States; an in-depth analysis of selected case studies on black leaders, both historical and contemporary. Topics may include cultural materialism, semiotics, nationalism, ethnic/racial identity, gender and sexuality, cultural politics, mass media, public spheres, social space and place, commodity consumption, music, and popular culture.

These include all university requirements, as well as the requirements of the College outlined in this section of the catalog. is the traditional baccalaureate degree, structured to ensure both breadth and depth of knowledge through completion of the KU Core, degree specific requirements in writing, numeracy, foreign language, and laboratory science, as well as course work in the major. More information is available on the College Online website, or contact us directly at [email protected] Students meet regularly to discuss and evaluate their field experiences and to collectively problem solve identified challenges to the justice work with which they are engaged.

Students are also responsible for understanding the requirements that are unique to individual programs. degree may be earned with a major in all departments and programs in the College except atmospheric science. Students who would like to complete a bachelor’s degree in the Kansas City area may choose from 6 CLAS undergraduate majors offered on the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park. Students produce a final project on the experience that integrates the engagement experience and academic materials.

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