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The statistics are even more extreme on college campuses, where 80 to 90 percent of sexual assaults involve students who know each other.3.

It's only rape if you're violently, physically forced into penetrative sex.

Because so many people believe these misconceptions, rapists get away with their crimes and seek out other victims.

It's the exact opposite of a misunderstanding — it's a series of calculated decisions.2. The typical image of a stranger rapist jumping out of the bushes is far from universal.

The difference between a night out in a short skirt that ends in rape and one that doesn't isn't the clothing or the woman's behavior — it's the presence of a rapist. If that old toxic myth were true, someone would have been able to prove it by now."There's also no correlation between number of sexual partners and victimization.

And despite decades of "she was asking for it in that skirt" commentary, no one has ever been able to show a correlation between how a victim dresses and her chances of sexual assault."There is no social science research that has ever backed this up," Jaclyn Friedman, sexual assault educator and author of , told via email. There is literally zero evidence that rapists choose victims based on how sexy or sexual they're perceived to be. A woman's sexual history used to be trotted out in court as evidence that she wasn't really raped, the assumption being that if she consented to sex before, she probably consented again.

This large free x Hamster Indian Tube will become the ray of arousing light that will wake your libido and make you feel alive!Many rape victims are assaulted while they're unconscious or semi-conscious. Others are unable to consent to sex because they're mentally incapacitated. But it can still be rape even if a victim didn't fight back or yell out, and even if there wasn't physical violence in addition to the assault itself. They rape because they want to control and harm their victim.The majority of rapes are planned in advance— rape isn't the end result of overactive hormones perhaps fueled by alcohol. Women put themselves at risk if they're promiscuous, if they dress provocatively, or if they flirt.Colleges and even state penal codes define rape and sexual assault differently, but it's generally understood as non-consensual sexual activity, which can be anything from penetrative sex to unwanted sexual touching or groping.And rape doesn't require a penis — objects or fingers can be used to rape or assault.The definition of "consent" also differs — some schools use an "affirmative consent" model, where a person has to give an actual, genuine, and non-coerced "yes" for consent to be obtained, whereas others have more outdated, regressive definitions that in practice require non-consenting parties to give a verbal "no." Most, though, do recognize that drugs and alcohol can impair one's ability to give meaningful consent.And women's rights advocates more or less agree that affirmative consent is the standard. Rapists don't rape because they're uncontrollably horny.Yet despite the more personalized coverage and more nuanced federal laws and recommendations, misconceptions persist and are pushed by media commentators, students, and sometimes schools themselves.That doesn't just mean students and parents get bad information — it means assault survivors sometimes don't get the support they need and assailants are able to walk free or remain on campus, because they rely on these misconceptions to get away with their crimes. Wearing revealing clothing makes you a target for harassment.Men always want sex and will do whatever they have to in order to get it.

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