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Exhale when coming up into the sit-up position and breathe in on the way back down.

This is the most comfortable way of breathing because the lungs are being compressed by the sit-up, and the chest expands during the sitting down.

Beyond the 30 degrees other muscles come into play and start doing the work.

Often people find when they do a sit-up is that the initial lift hurts, but then the exercise becomes far easier, this is simply because the stomach muscles are not being used any more.

“Apple must play catch up and, despite its product flaws, Beats is a great choice.

It has phenomenal brand recognition that the kids love.

Exercise should be much more about quality than quantity.

The slower muscles are worked the more chance they have of getting stronger.

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This results in a flatter stomach and, if practised religiously, two rows of three defined abdominal muscles commonly known as a 'six-pack'.However, it is easy to perform a sit-up incorrectly, and when the manouvre is not done right it can result in spinal problems that can prove irreversible.THE OPENING POSITION The head and neck muscles should be completely relaxed and the hands in position to steady the head. Feet should be kept flat on the floor and shoulder distance apart at all times. The back should be flat on the floor, but not completely.The main mistake that everyone makes is using their hands for leverage.All the hands should do is keep the head still and in place.“Apple is just a consumer electronics company and has been so for quite a while now,” Philip Pearlman writes for Yahoo Finance. The magic died two and a half years ago with Steve Jobs and now Apple is finally coming out of denial, acknowledging reality and giving itself the opportunity to move on to its next phase.” “This is long overdue,” Pearlman writes.“The height of the denial culminated some months ago in the over-the-top fantastical and widely distributed i Pad commercial complete with dreamy Robin Williams voice over that, while excruciatingly beautiful, seemed way out of touch with reality and the accelerating trend towards the commoditization of the tablet market.” “So Apple, if the reports that it is close to buying Beats Electronics prove true, is finally pivoting; a long overdue move out of this denial and a coming to terms with what it is,” Pearlman writes.Doing an exercise in a slow - yet controlled manner is the best way to train.To work the lateral muscles while doing sit-ups, twist slightly to the left for five sit-ups, and then do the same thing to the right for five repetitions.Unlike some exercises, sit-ups can be done every day because the abdominal muscles are strong enough to take this frequency of exercise.COMMON MISTAKES Doing sit-ups badly lessens their benefit and can result in terrible back problems.

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