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You never know how lucky you are until your number comes up 🙂 Once you’re satisfied by putting in some research time and sanity checks you can move to the second step of clicking on “Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition.mpkg” (Meta Package File).

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3) Show Auto Update Window : This displays the status of your updates. Note: When Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac is running the Black Shield icon on the right side of the menu bar.The Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition Black Shield icon has 9 clickable selections as follows in the respective top down order. : This opens the Quarantine Manager to review and act.1) Update Now : This checks for the latest update files. 8) Hide Status in Menu Bar : This hides the Black Shield from the menu bar.Sometimes if you notice a lot of users complaining about issues like their systems slowing down because of something you have in common there may be discovered work-arounds you can ready yourself for or in the end decide not to run the product installation.Please do this step as it can save you hours of headaches and time rebuilding your system if the installation or software won’t work for you no matter what you do.A quick tweet to could help fix that although no guarantees.Once you’ve verified the checksum you may proceed with the installation.The first time I ran it the Auto Update Status window showed that I was downloading 169 update files at about 5MB total.Upon completion it stated that Sophos Anti-virus has been updated with a date and time stamp.If you don’t have one or don’t recall setting one up for your Mac don’t worry just click OK to continue.(It’s unwise to have a blank password for your Mac but that’s another article…) During the installation Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac requires your Administrator password in order to install system components only accessible by the Administrator of the Mac system.

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