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This unlocks the real power of astrology, and gives much more useful and specific information: everything from how they view you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments with them etc. This article is based only on sun sign interaction.If you would like to explore this further please see the astrology compatibility reports page. In order to provide a lot of people with information it's a convenient and fast way to generalize, but it's far from conclusive at this broad level.The main danger in this match is that you're both too intelligent and analytical. You're both perfectionists, both can be workaholics, both are very practical, both highly organized and methodical.You both communicate well, you're both loyal and trustworthy, both tend to be fairly frugal, neither of you are very competitive, you both need to be productive. This would make the ultimate business relationship, but as to love you're both too responsible and efficient sometimes, and not passionate or 'crazy' enough!From an efficiency standpoint this match scores a ten.However, more than most others it highlights the need for inefficiency in love - passion, fun, romance - these are inefficient, nonsensical and often even reckless activities, which can be spoiled by too much analysis.

If you want to date a Virgo, than you need to be prepared to go slow and wait for them to open up to you when they’re ready.Generalizing too far based just on sun signs can therefore be misleading.To fully understand someone or how compatible you are with them we need to calculate those other planet placements from their date of birth, and compare them to your own, and then interpret the results.As in other areas the key is often to not be practical, analytical or deliberate.Get in the habit of being reckless, spontaneous and perfecting the art of having fun together.These scores show the averages for data collected from my clients over the past 20 years.It's important to note however that individual relationships vary enormously.Virgins are worth waiting for, because once they are ready to commit to relationship they do it with the same dedication they approach everything else in their lives.By nature they are practical and down-to-earth and they just don’t see the point in romantic gestures like flowers.Allow yourself to do some foolish things together...Both of you are initially reserved but highly erotic once comfortable.

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