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You gracefully get on your hands and knees and beckon for me to enter you from behind.I grasp your hips and penetrate you slowly and deeply.She looked down at George and he was unnerved by what he saw.It was Nicole's beautiful face, but it looked like a host of emotions were churning away beneath the surface. She relaxed and sank down on George, letting his trapped erection be drawn up deeper into the smothering flesh of her vagina.I'm panting for breath, and can't believe what I've experienced. You smile, and look at me and say "You're almost as insatiable as me, my love.Almost." I'm not sure what you mean, but you lie down next to me, pulling me on top of you.

Your beauty and the heat of your body has overwhelmed my senses, and I cum yet again.For a moment, I thought you had horns and a small pair of wings sprouting from your back. I find myself thinking again that I've never known such pleasure.My hips start to buck up towards you, and I release deep into you once more.Your tongue swirls around my shaft, and I know that if I were standing my knees would have buckled. You sit up, and your hand lazily plays with my cock, as you stare hypnotically into my eyes. You smile with a grin that seems almost sinister, and you slowly lower yourself onto me.I begin to sweat, and my skin starts to glisten in the dying firelight. Your hips rise and fall with a slow, steady rhythm, and your pussy grips me tightly.Something was coming through, something demonic and full of lascivious hunger. The muscular walls undulated and sucked, sending another blast of ecstasy rushing through George's body.He didn't know if this had been Nicole's intention from the start or whether something had gone wrong, but instinctively he knew he was in mortal danger. Despite being nearly mesmerized by your naked form, I ask "Who are you? The fire catches your eyes, giving them a serene, yet almost fiendish glow. That doesn't matter." I can't seem to move as you slowly cross the room.The heat as they caress your perfect breasts burns intensely, but my flesh is unaffected.My attention drifts back to you, and I shake my head to clear my thoughts. Your hips have steadily increased their pace, rocking quickly back and forth, as your pussy muscles clench and release.

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