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Project Director: Steve Tinney; Editor: Jeremiah Peterson.With the assistance of Niek Veldhuis, Jamie Novotny, Joshua Jeffers, and Ilona Zsolnay.The Oracc presentation is based directly on public CDLI data which is updated nightly.CMAw Ro presents online critical editions of Mesopotamian rituals and incantations against witchcraft.

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It contains diplomatic correspondence and Akkadian scholarly works from the mid-14th century BC. His Nachlass included eight notebooks filled with handwritten transliterations of Babylonian and Assyrian texts.Project Director: Eckart Frahm; Co-Director: Enrique Jiménez; Senior Editor: Mary Frazer.The foundational online cataloging and archiving project for the cuneiform corpus, directed by Bob Englund at UCLA.The notebooks contain more than five thousand transliterations, spread over nearly fifteen hundred pages.They are an astonishing record of sustained first-hand engagement with cuneiform tablets.Directed by Nicole Brisch and funded by the UK Higher Education Academy, 2011.ARMEP, with its multi-project search engine, enables users to simultaneously search the translations, transliterations, and catalogues of multiple Oracc projects on which ancient records of Middle Eastern polities (especially those of the first millennium BC) are edited.The ordering of the omens was determined by Ruth Horry, the transliteration and translation made by Eleanor Robson.Provides fully searchable manuscript transliterations of the Old Babylonian, Middle Assyrian and Neo-Assyrian versions of the Etana epic, prepared by Jamie Novotny for the book The Standard Babylonian Etana Epic (State Archives of Assyria, Cuneiform Texts 2), Helsinki: The Neo-Assyrian Text Corpus Project, 2001.Long after Sumerian had died out as a spoken language, bilingual (Sumerian - Akkadian) texts still played a prominent role in the scholarly culture of Babylonia and Assyria.BLMS provides editions of bilingual narrative texts, hymns, proverbs, prayers, rituals, and incantations dating to the first millennium BCE.

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