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Here are all the details - plus a review of the season premiere!

― It was standing room only in the Main Events hall at Anime Expo this year, as thousands of attendees had to get their tickets in advance for the world premiere of Attack on Titan's third season.

The Congress, however, will not only serve as platform for communication and exchange of the most challenging state-of-the-art research among immunologists.

It will also serve as impressive platform for making laypersons, the press and politicians aware of the importance of immunologic research for maintenance of well-being, and combat of major diseases, including infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases or allergic diseases. Yap Fei-Ling (MAS) Travel grant opportunities provided by National Societies and Immunological Federations: • • • • • • • • • • • American Association of Immunologists Austrian Society for Allergology and Immunology Australasian Society for Immunology Brasilian Society of Immunology British Society for Immunology Canadian Society of Immunology EFIS European Federation of Immunological Societes French Society of Immunology German Society for Immunology Japanese Society for Immunology Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology • Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology • Turkish Society of Immunology 25 Immunology Courses BASIC IMMUNOLOGY COURSE COURSE FACULTY: August 22 - 9.00 - 17.00 BROWN 3 Chairs: Abul K. Ram Boston, United States W1.11.01 - Emerging roles of an innate immune regulator TAPE in the endosomal Toll-like receptor (TLR) and cytosolic RIG-I-like receptor (RLR) pathways Pin Ling, K.

We at the IUIS are proud of the triennial ICI, which is by far the most important event in the immunology arena, globally.

As it turns out, that's an entire race of yokai – vampires.

Perhaps it's his more human attributes, or simply h...― After focusing exclusively on the youth of Alita and Erica during volume 1, Mars Chronicle shifts to a present-day focus for volume 2, looking at the adult characters and what happens after the events of Last Order.

Last but not least, it will provide a unique platform for meeting colleagues/friends/post-doc candidates and mentors. Abbas, MD (University of California San Francisco, USA) Andrew H. Abbas (USA) T Cell Regulation and Tolerance Abul K.

In short, the 15th ICI will be wonderful meeting point for researchers from academia, industry and clinics both from industrialized and developing countries and hence strengthen existing friendships and invite new ones. Lichtman, MD, Ph D (Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA) Abul K. Abbas (USA) Autoimmunity and Immunological Diseases CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY COURSE August 22 - 8.45 - 17.00 AMBER 5 6 August 23-27 - 8.00 - 8.45 AMBER 1 2 Chair: Reinhold E. Akdis (CHE) Allergies Saturday, August 24 Bodo Grimbacher (GBR) Primary immunodeficiencies Sunday, August 25 Roland Martin (CHE) Inflammatory diseases of the CNS Monday, August 26 Herve Fridman (FRA) Immune surveillance of tumors Tuesday, August 27 Kathryn Wood (GBR) Transplant tolerance SATELLITE MEETING XXIII AINI CONGRESS Italian Association of Neuroimmunology The Neurobiology of the Immune System August 22, 2013 OPENING CEREMONY Luciano Adorini, President 15th ICI - Opening speech Stefan H. Kaufmann, IUIS President - Welcome address Vincenzo Barnaba, President SIICA - Welcome address Cristina Tajani, Milan City Councillor for Cultural Affairs - Welcome address Sandro De Palma, piano Domenico Cimarosa Cinque Sonate per fortepiano Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K. 24 (Tema con variazioni, quasi presto) Welcome Cocktail 5.000 downloads of the musical program (Cimarosa and Scarlatti) will be available on website User-ID: 15ICI Password: muzio2013 27 Chair: Abul Abbas (USA) Rolf Zinkernagel (CHE) On immunity or what immunology is all about PS.02 - PERSPECTIVES IN IMMUNOLOGY Chair: Lorenzo Moretta (ITA) Alain Fischer (FRA) T cell immunodeficiencies PL.01 - PLENARY LECTURE 12.30 - 13.15 SPACE 1 2 Chair: Vishna Dixit (USA) Shizuo Akira (JPN) Mitochondrial transport by microtubule acetylation is essential to NLRP3-inflammasome activation LL.01 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE 12.30 - 13.15 BROWN 3 Chair: David Hafler (USA) Abul Abbas (USA) Immunological tolerance: mechanisms and therapeutic applications LL.03 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Matthew Albert (FRA) Rafi Ahmed (USA) T cell memory and exhaustion 12.30 - 13.15 SPACE 4 12.30 - 13.15 12.30 - 13.15 BROWN 1 2 GOLD ROOM 12.30 - 13.15 SPACE 3 LL.05 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Fred Alt (USA) Jean Claude Weill (FRA) Memory LL.02 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Eric Vivier (FRA) Lorenzo Moretta (ITA) Human NK cells: from basic research to the therapy of high risk leukemias LL.04 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Hannes Stockinger (AUT) Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli (SGP) NFAT control of innate immunity LL.06 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Christine Biron (USA) Hidde Ploegh (USA) Cloned mice as immunological tools LL.07 - LUNCHTIME LECTURE Chair: Gordon Brown (GBR) Yvette van Kooyk (NLD) Glycans as dendritic cell targeting strategy for the induction of immunity and tolerance 18.30 - 19.15 GOLD ROOM 14.00 - 15.00 BROWN 3 12.30 - 13.15 AMBER 1 2 28 8.50 - 9.20 SPACE 1 2 PS.01 - PERSPECTIVES IN IMMUNOLOGY 9.30 - 10.15 GOLD ROOM 8.50 - 9.20 GOLD ROOM Main Lectures August 23, 2013 SPECIAL LECTURE Chair: Marco Colonna (USA) Ivan Lefkovitz (CHE) Contribution of Italian scientists to the 30 years of Basel Institute for Immunology success PL.02 - PLENARY LECTURE Chair: Philippa Marrack (USA) Ruslan M.

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