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If you’ve been jilted by a partner or spouse, or if you think your mate might be cheating, check out the CHEATERS® Records!See if your partner has a history of infidelity, and help others avoid heartache by creating a report for someone you know is Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful?As some eagle-eyed/well-versed reality TV viewers have pointed out online, it looks like The Bachelorette’s Bryan Abasolo was on The Player. And thanks to The E & G Podcast, The Player opening credits are now a part of my life.I did not watch The Player when it was on the air, but judging from this Game Shows Wikia description, it sounds like something that would’ve been very much up my alley: During each episode, the guys will receive a challenge from a anonymous "Player Operator" (usually voiced by a mysterious guest, à la Charlie's Angels) that test the "player's" skills.Acclaimed filmmaker Lauren Greenfield examines modern greed amid the world of the 1%.Travelling through America and beyond, she meets the international elite and families overwhelmed by debt, yet determined to live the ‘luxury lifestyle.Losers will get tossed from the game will the probably-soon-to-be-trademarked cliché, "Don't hate the player, hate the game!

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Find out what happens when La Tasha’s husband is confronted face-to-face with our cameras rolling. Affairs will happen even in so-called “happy” marriages.

The purpose of the show is to see if men know the minds of women, and to study how they act in each situation.

The participants, or 'players', each go behind a monitor, which allows them to choose actions or things to say for every scene in the video.

Way back in the year 2004, there was a reality TV program on UPN about a group of “players” who competed for the affections of show host/future House of Lies star Dawn Olivieri. What does this obscure program from a baker’s dozen years ago have to do with anything?

I will tell you precisely what: A present-day reality TV contestant apparently was a contestant on this short-lived dating program. Bryan evidently put his “player abilities” to the test for this short-lived reality television show.

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