Trend not updating clients

The yearly report and monthly updates constantly inspire us.We use it at the start of our co-creation sessions with customers, partners, colleagues and experts to define the right theme and subject.To borrow a phrase from Isaac Newton, 'If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants'. ""I'm impressed by the quality of the research, and also the flexibility to use the findings in my own presentations.Working in a customer experience agency, we use the tools available to dive deeper, verify, inspire and drive innovation with our clients.""We are very happy with the Premium Service.I love Trend Watching – it's my link to the world outside from my own reality. :)""For some time, I have been using Trend Watching intelligence wherever I could find it.

I love the tone of voice, the clear overview and the vast amount of trends and cases available.""What Trend Watching provide is not only the science, the intellectualization of trends, but a way to ground our design intuition in reality.We think it important for our clients to know the source of our information and, with the Premium Service, we get that credibility.""The main way we use the Premium Service, and especially the Trend Report, is for strategic planning.It is super easy to find relevant content & Power Point slides are easy to insert into client presentations.I recommend your service to colleagues for 3 reasons: 1 – it’s money well spent (compared to quite a few of your competitors), 2 – the service is very user friendly & 3 – there's always new & relevant content to explore.""I include your innovation examples in my presentations – people say it really brings them alive!We use those examples to guide our teams on brand innovation.That's before I even mention the annual Trend Report - I actually loved it!Just what our business needs at the moment for inspiration / innovation.""I speak a lot to our clients about trends and the future.We offer this info as a part of our internal tools, and approach prospects with trends adapted for their very useful to inspire the creative process and provide context and rationale for our presentations.""It wasn’t until we deeply analyzed the drivers of change using the Consumer Trend Canvas that we understood the fascinating nature of the 'kindness' space and the opportunity it gave us to engage with our corporate partners.""The trends featured in the Premium Service give us a different and refreshing perspective on our consumers and the world we live in.

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