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For more information, visit the Microsoft support lifecycle website.

Pre-release definitions are partially tested definitions that can be installed manually only.

To clear the definitions cache and trigger an update, use a batch script to run the following commands as an administrator: You need to download different definition files for different products and platforms.

Select the version that matches your Windows operating system or the environment where you will use the definitions. Simply launch the file to manually install the latest definitions.

Update files can also be downloaded from these pages if required e.g.

The result is that the Anti Vir Pro Activ component starts detecting critical processes as malware, including the following: The update is also blocking other Microsoft software (such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works) as well as various third-party applications, including Byki 4 Express, Documents To Go, Garmin, Google Talk, i Pod and Palm services, Opera, Open DNS Updater, Polipo, Shadow, Stickies, and many others.

[UPDLIB] [ERROR] Download manager: The function Win INet:: Internet Open Url() ' failed.

Error: A connection with the server could not be established [UPDLIB] [ERROR] Download manager: An error occurred inside the Win INet library.

When I try to update my Avira anti-virus product, or Adobe Acrobat, I am unable to do so.

The error message from the logs for Avira is: Avira Anti Vir Personal - Free Antivirus Updater Creation time: Thu Apr 30 2009 Operating system: Windows Vista (Service Pack 1) [6.0.6001] Product information: Product version: Updater: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\.42 Plugin: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\.06 Temp Directory: C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\ Backup folder: C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\BACKUP\ Installation Directory: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\ Updater folder: C:\Program Files\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\ App Data folder: C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\ [UPD] [INFO] Checking whether newer files are available. [UPD] [INFO] Downloading of ' to 'C:\Program Data\Avira\Anti Vir Desktop\TEMP\UPDATE\idx\master.idx'.

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