Updating iis ssl certificate

It is important that when you generate the CSR you generate it for *.not for any specific host like sure you use *.Make sure you set the bit length to 2048 You can save the certificate request as a file and open it in a text editor so you can copy the request and paste it when completing the steps to obtain an SSL certificate.

For a long time we only had an SSL certificate for but recently we purchased a wildcard SSL certificate so we can use the certificate for anything.mojoportal.com, in other words we now have SSL on demo.mojoportal.com, storedemo.mojoportal.com, and all the foreign language community sites like de.and nl.There are several points along the way where one can easily make a mistake and create more difficulty, so hopefully these notes will help you do it the right way the first time.You generate a certificate request in IIS 7.x from the main server node where you see the icon for Certificates, double click it and on the right you will see a link to generate a certificate request.I made the mistake of not naming it like that and what happens is that IIS 7.x won't let you set an SSL host header unless the friendly name starts with *.You can see in this example how it looks if the certificate friendly name does not start with *: See how it is greyed out and you cannot set the host name.This article explains the steps needed to install a renewed SSL Certificate on a Windows Server 2008 OS.The easiest method is to simply remove the current SSL for the web site in IIS and then go through the normal installation of the renewed certificate in the same way as installing a new certificate.So a wild card SSL certificate is a certificate for *.which means we can use it for as many different .sites as we care to create.I had some struggle with setting up the wildcard SSL certificate on my server, so I thought I should make some notes here for others who may encounter the same problems.For most sites this is not an option since your site will not be able to run a SSL session while your certificate is being processed.To obtain a certificate for your existing Web site you will have to do the following.

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