Updating xp home to pro

Then we found that many of the programs either didn't work--or they didn't work properly, and the Creative Sound Blaster card didn't work hardly at all.

My son said it wasn't important to him--but to me it WAS a big deal, especially that the sound card didn't work, and at the time, I couldn't buy one that supported anything higher than Windows XP.

This doesn’t install or add all the features from Windows XP Professional, such as Remote Desktop Server (Install Remote Desktop on XP Home) and Group Policy Editor (GPedit) utility tools, which was removed from Windows XP Home edition.

Some functions which turned off and disabled via integrated switches which read from registry flag whether it’s Home or Professional edition, such as EFS, RAID support and ability to join domain, may or may not work after migration.

I ask because I do not have CDs for any of these extras.

Your advice would be appreciated before I risk doing anything and what advantages does Professional have over Home Edition?

I would, however very strongly recommend that you buy Acronis True Image Home Edition backup program at and make a backup of your system as it is now, and create a bootable recovery media disk, so if it doesn't work for you, or if for any reason, you decide that you would rather go back to the Home Edition, then it would only take about an hour to run that backup to get it back.XP Home Edition is installed on my laptop but I have a CD of XP Professional which I bought for installation on another computer.If I install Professional on current computer will I still retain apps like Microsoft Office, etc., or will they need to be reinstalled?You can either put your backup on a USB Flash Drive (if it is large enough) or to your external hard drive, or burn it directly to DVD or CDs, or onto a separate partition on your hard drive, but if you don't have a separate partition, then you would have to buy their Acronis Disk Director.I'm not a salesman for Acronis, but if I had a dollar for every time I have recommended them, I would be rich.~ Barry says it can't be done. So if your experience is the same as in the last link, my answer (based on what I believed to be true from the first link) was wrong.Kees The first guy must have tried to upgrade using an OEM version. The second guy must have been using either an UPGRADE version or a FULL version.I, personally don't like Upgrade Versions because I got stuck with one once.I previously have built two other computers from scratch and have been thinking about building another one. I went to the website from you link and bookmarked it. Here’s a trick to turn Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Pro, from within the operating system without going through installation.I have found out since that I didn't like Vista anyway.One of my sons had made a computer just like mine (we did it together), but he was running XP Home Edition, so he bought my Vista Upgrade and installed it.

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