Vraymtl unhandled exception updating material

⢠Smooth and consistent outlines for intersecting objects.

Creating a VRay Toon atmospheric effect VRay Toon can be created from the Environment dialog of 3ds Max. button and choose VRay Toon: Parameters Basic parameters Line color - this is the color of the outlines.

The V-Ray rendering system includes the following plugins for 3ds Max: Plugin name Description V-Ray renderer The V-Ray renderer plugin VRay2Sided Mtl A utility material that allows to create thin translucent surfaces like paper, cloth etc.

Don't set this value to pure 1.0 as this will fill curved objects completely.Distortion map - a texture that will be used to distort the outlines.This works similar to bump-mapping and will take the gradient of the texture as direction for distortion.Overlap threshold - this determines when outlines will be created for overlapping parts of one and the same object.Lower values will reduce the internal overlapping lines, while higher values will produce more overlap lines.Note that high output values may be required for larger distortion.Screen-mapped textures work best, although World XYZ mapping is also supported. Screen-mapped textures work best, although World XYZ mapping is also supported.VRay Toon An atmospheric plugin that produces simple cartoon-style effect.VRay Bmp Filter A plugin for loading texture maps without filtering.Can also be used as a bump map to smooth the sharp edges of mesh objects.VRay Displacement Mod A modifier that enables the V-Ray displacement for an object VRay Fur A plugin that generates simple render-time fur VRay Proxy A plugin that allows you to specify render-time geometry that will be loaded from an external file VRay Plane A geometry plugin that implements an infinite plane primitive.

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